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By stella_kalapotli

Whether you are completely new to the company or are recently promoted from the ranks, it is natural for you to feel a mix of excitement and tension when stepping into that new Sales Manager role.




Thoughts of “am I fit for the job”, “will my team respect me”, or “will I be able to last in this new position” may initially haunt you. This is normal. Don’t worry. With these simple new sales manager tips, you will overcome these demons:

  1. Completely embrace your new role.

Among the many new sales manager tips, preparing yourself is the most important. You cannot confidently face your new team if you are not convinced of your new role. Avoid the urge to do that sales call or to check the nitty-gritty of the report. The usual problem of transition from an individual contributor to a manager is when you get stuck with your previous role. Be aware of new responsibilities and carry them out. Now that you have the power to delegate, do it. Focus on planning for the department. Remember that you are in-charge of the whole team, and not just yourself.

  1. Level off expectations.

Make sure that you are in the same page and the best way of doing this is by expressing your expectations for the team and having them do the same for you. This way, you will be aware of their behaviour, their preference and work styles. Knowing all these new sales manager tips makes it easy for you to manage them. Consequently, their knowledge on your work style and preferences will make it less difficult for them comply with what you require. As a result, both sides are happy, less time is needed in completing tasks; therefore, the working environment is very healthy.

  1. Be approachable.

Initially, they might be apprehensive in approaching you as they are not sure on how you will respond to them. To remedy this, create a positive atmosphere. Be fun, be energetic. At the same time, be true to your words and hold them down to theirs. This way, they will get the impression that while you can be cool, you mean business. Ultimately, you will earn their respect.

Following these three new sales manager tips will strengthen your place in your team. As a result, it will be easier for you to implement development programs and other strategies that will keep your sales force performing at their optimum, happy and constantly motivated.

Modern retention strategies claim that, “people leave managers, not the company.” With the simple new sales manager tips above, you are sure that you will not be guilty of these. While these may not be sure-shot, these will create the bedrock of strategies that are.


By Daniel Rray

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