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Our job is to connect  people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go and achieve their goals.

About Us

Red Thread is a child of the crisis. It was conceptualized within the crisis and founded in 2015 out of the urge to serve the existing needs that now called for a different approach. Our goal and vision within Red Thread is to connect companies and people in creative projects and successful synergies. With a network of professionals and collaborators of miscellaneous backgrounds and expertise, and with a profound love for vanguard and innovation we develop corporate communication projects and create correlations of mutual interest.

Overall Skills

Our team of professionals is always looking for the best solutions for each company by formulating custom made on Marketing, Corporate Identity and Promotion, as well as Business Development. Just as King Theseus came out of the Minotaur’s maze following a red thread, Red Thread helps modern businesses deal with the challenges of the corporate environment.

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Business Development